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Dịch vụ tốt, hướng dẫn viên thì nhiệt tình và vui tính, cho chúng tôi những chuyến đi tràn ngập tiếng cười, cảm ơn công ty. Read more

TripAdvisor - Professional, personalise, worth for money

Those who plan for Danang City tour or any, I would suggest Dacotours..

We were guided by Oanh, a local young lady, energetic, knowledgeable, resourceful, pleasant personality, good english command and pay attention to detail.

You can find other tourist guide here too.. but personally i think this is the most valuable and worthy to deal with.

They are punctual, very good in time and food arrangement, as well as create openness in communication. We shared lot of things during the trip. In half of day, we learnt lot of thing about Danang, their culture, education, people etc. It is really worth for money. If you wish to know about Vietnam, specifically Danang, Dacotours is the best choice.

Wish Dacatours best of luck, make our journey be more colourful, meaningful and memorable.
Visited November 2016. Read more

TripAdvisor - Bana Hills trip with Dacotours

Booked a trip from our hotel in Danang with Dacotours (I know it says “Dacatours” but apparently the first person to create a review spelled it wrong and it has stuck ever since.) Anyways, had a great trip, price was very fair, the tour guide spoke good English, and they made sure our 1 year old daughter was well taken care of the whole trip. The manager there, named Truong, was especially kind, honest, and warm hearted, making sure everything was good afterwards. The next day he was off work, and invited us out for some sightseeing, and a meal at a delicious (and cheap!) restaurant, and later another delicious home-cooked (and free!) meal at his family’s house, where we saw how Vietnamese rice paper is made by his brother (That’s him, his nephew, and my wife and baby in the first photo, his family appears in the second along with myself.) I got a taste of traditional Vietnam that I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten. Definitely not the kind of hospitality you’d find at most other places! I am happy to write the review, and I am definitely confident in recommending this place to anyone considering a tour company while in Danang city. If I ever come back to Danang I will be booking my tours through this company. Read more

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Dịch vụ và hướng dẫn viên thật tuyệt vời, lịch trình thì khá hợp lý. Read more

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Dịch vụ rất tốt và chuyên nghiệp, giá rất rẻ, nhân viên nhiệt tình chu đáo. Read more

TripAdvisor - Amazing Day in Danang

My friend’s and did a day trip guided by a lovely man, Mr Truong. We went white water tubing then visited Marble Mountain and watched the sunset from Son Tra Peninsular. Truong was one I’ve the happiest guys I’ve ever met. He gave us an amazing description of Buddhism when we visited the massive Lady Buddah on the peninsular. It was a very memorable day for me. I really hope I can return to Danang to see Mr Truong again. Highly recommended. Read more

TripAdvisor - True Vietnamese hospitality

Mr Truong is the most positive man I think I’ve ever met! Danang really is such a beautiful part of Vietnam. I think it would be easy to just get trapped on the beach or in and around the city, or miss it all together and go to Hoi an, but Mr Truong helped us plan our time there so that it was probably my favourite part of our whole three week trip. We went out to Cham island and did snorkeling, had a short tour and an epic lunch. I can’t recommend Dacotours enough. Sometimes you just get lucky when you book a tour, and with this one we did. You wont regret it! I’ve never felt more looked after!  read more

TripAdvisor - Professional & authentic!

Mr.Truong and his team were super friendly and helpful. I had a fantastic time exploring the beautiful locations in and around Danang such as the Hon tram peninsula, Ba Na Hills and the Cham Island. All wonderful places. I will be using Daco Tours on my next visit to Da Nang. Thank you Dacotours!  Read more

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