MICE (standing for Meeting – Incentives – Conferences – Events) is the type of tour that combines conferences, incentives, exhibitions and events for employees and partners.

In recent years, MICE has quickly become a tourism trend of most businesses, of these, leisure travel associating with conferences is the most prominent one. Thanks to this kind of travel, not only conferences can be run more effectively, but also customers would be satisfied with this tourist services.

The most popular kinds of MICE nowadays:


The meetings that are among companies, or among the members of one company.


Gathering the strongest sales force together to discuss future strategies. Celebrating and rewarding employees, sales agents who exceeded the targets.

External meeting:

The seminars which are among companies to discuss their co-operations, new business investments and new inventions, etc.


Large-scale meetings between people in the same field work to exchange their ideas with one another.

This kind of activity is often organized before the international and national events, and consists of two categories: Convention organized by members and Bid to hot convention.


In relation to international fairs and exhibitions, which are groups of businesses or individual businesses, in order to promote goods and services to the target market and those who are interested in, and to popularize the goods and services to the public. There are two main categories: trade show and consumer show.

Human resources are the key to the success and sustainable development of each business. Recognizing the efficiency of connecting and conveying MICE messages, business leaders always focus on selecting professional partners to provide the perfect service.

Dacotours is proud to be one of the pioneers in organizing professional MICE tour. With our enthusiastic and experienced staff, we commit to bring the best MICE tourism service to your business.

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Danang International Fireworks Festival Tour (4D3N)


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