Price Currency is set to Vietnam Dong – VND and US Dollar – USD. Additional Service Price is mentioned in “Inclusions”, Dacotours will not pay for any service not listed in the Inclusions.


You need to give your information: full name, gender, DOB, nationality, passport number, special request about food… and pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the tour program. The payment balance is due 5 business day before departure. There are 2 payment methods:

  • Payment by cash at Dacotours
  • Payment by Bank account transfer:


At Bank:  Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV Danang Branch

Account Number (VNĐ): 56110000623327



At Bank: JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Vietcombank Danang Branch

Account Number (VNĐ): 0041000262676


  • Full payment must be received by Dacotours before departure unless previously arranged by contract with Dacotours. Tours will be cancelled if payment is not received on time.
  • On bank account transfer payment method: You have to write down your name, address, telephone number and title and date of your tour booking.
  • After payment by Bank account transfer, you send us a copy of Payment Order by Fax or Email  and  then contact us to have the official confirmation from Dacotours.
  • Dacotours will not be able to attempt to solve problems if the above rules are not followed.


3.1. Tour cancelled by Dacotours:

If Dacotours does not make the tour, Dacotours must immediately advise the customer and pay back the full amount of money the customer has paid within 3 days of the cancellation of the tour by cash or bank account transfer.

3.2. Tour cancelled by Customers:

  • Between 30 and 45 days in advance of the scheduled departure: pay 10% of total tour price.
  • Between 20 and 29 days in advance of the scheduled departure: pay 20% of total tour price.
  • 25 days in advance of the scheduled departure: pay 25% of total tour price.
  • 15 days in advance of the scheduled departure: pay 30% of total tour price.
  • 7 days in advance of the scheduled departure: pay 40% of total tour price.
  • Between 3 and 6 days in advance of the scheduled departure: pay 75% of total tour price.

Within 2 days of the departure: 100% of total tour price. Cancellation must be notified to Dacotours by Fax or Email and must be confirmed by Dacotours. Cancellation by telephone is not valid.


  • Cancellation due to disaster, terrorism, epidemic disease… Dacotours will only refund what the customer has paid without any other compensation.
  • These above cancellation rules are the maximum, This fee can be less depending on the service provider’s conditions for Dacotours.
  • Travel cancellation time is counted based on business day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
  • International tour cancellations will have specific rules.
  • These above rules are not applied on Public holidays.

3.3. Unavoidable circumstances

If tour is cancelled because of one unavoidable circumstance (war, disaster, terrorism…) both parties will not responsible for any disadvantage and assume no liability. However, each party tries must try their best to help each other in order to maximally reduce the loss due to unadvoidable reasons.


  • Under the age of 5: Free ticket
  •  From 5 to under the age of 10: 50% of adult’s ticket
  • 10 years old and above: 100% of adult’s ticket


  • Ticket tours exclude: taxes, private request…
  • 2 adults can accompany by 1 child.
  • In the case of 2 children, the second child will be charged the adult price for extra bed.


Your special requirements must inform Dacotours at the booking time, Dacotours will attempt to meet these requirements in our ability. However, we will not be responsible for any denial of transport services, hotels, restaurants and independent service providers.


Hotels are provided a room with 2 single beds (TWIN) or a double bed (DBL), depending on the structure of the hotel room. Tripple room will be arranged when necessary (TRIPLE). The standard of hotels booked by Dacotours correspond with the tour price. If we need to change for any reason, the alternate hotel will be equivalent to the original hotel’s standards and we will report to visitors before departure day. Special requirements informed to Dacotours will be served but it depends on hotel service and you have to pay for extra fees. Dacotours has the right not to meet these requirements if the hotel refuse to provide the service.


  • Each tour program has its specific transportation.
  • By car: Car (4-7-15-25-35-45 seats) with air conditioning will be arranged for the number of visitors.
  • By public transportation (train, airplane, hydrofoil…): service providers can change the schedule departure without advance notice, Dacotours will inform visitors of that change in our ability.
  • Dacotours is not responsible for any reimbursement and liability for material or mental disadvantages caused by public transportation delay and by visitors’ delay. Dacotours will only help to reduce these disadvantages.


Lightweight luggage.

Free baggage allowance programs will be provided by airlines.

Passengers are responsible for keeping and looking after their handbag and valuables e.g. money, jewellery, camera, laptop, etc. on their trips. Dacotours will not be liable for lost or damage to passenger luggage or to any lost possessions of the passenger . If lost baggage, Dacotours will help customers contact and report to the relevant departments to find lost baggage. Lost luggage compensation will depend on the regulations of the service providers or insurance companies.


Before booking, visitors please read tour programs carefully: price, inclusions, exclusions…Customers can book tour and pay fares directly or through a representative at Dacotours’ office. Dacotours is only responsible for providing tour information to customers who sign up directly or their representative. Dacotours will not be liable for inaccurate information from your representative.


1. Dacotours’s liability

  • Ensure all services are on schedule
  • Inform all necessary information, regulations of tours before the scheduled departure.
  • In terms of International travel, Dacotours is not responsible for passengers rejected by the foreign authorities for entry. Customers will pay for potential problems include cancellation fees for service providers.

2. Customers’ liability:

  • On-time payment.
  • Follow tour program.
  • Show your passports, photos and related documents.
  • Observe the local laws and regulations. Dacotours will not be liable for your breaking the local laws.  Customers are responsible for paying for your infringements. Dacotours will only help to reduce these disadvantages.

3. Depending on the actual situations, Dacotours reserves the right to change the route, rearrange the order of attraction sites or cancel the trip at any time that Dacotours deems necessary for customers’ convenience and safety.

4. In the process, if any dispute happens and unsuccessful bargained, It will be brought to court with the current law.

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