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Being considered “Sa Pa of the Central” due to its cool air all year round (the average temperature in the summer is about 18 degree), Ba Na Hills – Queen Mountain resort is an ideal destination for you. Ba Na is famous for not only its weather, but also its magnificent landscapes.



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  • Pick-up and Drop-off from hotels in Da Nang city center.
  • Experienced and enthusiatic tourist guide
  • Return cable-car ticket: 750.000 VND/pax
  • The funicular railway ticket
  • Buffet ticket with more than 100 dishes: 225.000 VND/pax
  • Bottled water (1 bottle/pax)


  • The Wax Museum ticket: 100.000 VND/pax
  • VAT
  • Personal costs that are not included

Children policy

  • Under 1 metre: Free ticket
  • From 1 – under 1.4 metre: 75% adult ticket
  • From 1.4 metre: 100% adult ticket


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Far Pick up Extra Fee

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  • Olalani Resot: 5$
  • Crown Plaza: 5$
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  • Hyatt: 7$
  • Vinpearl Luxury: 7$
  • Melia: 9$

  • Sandy Beach: 9$
  • Vinpearl Danang Ocean: 9$
  • Pulchra Resort: 11$
  • Ocean Villas: 11$
  • Sheraton Grand Resort: 11$
  • Naman: 13$
  • Cocobay: 13$

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  • Departure

    We will pick you up at the rendezvous from 7.45 to 8.00 PM, and then we go to Ba Na Hills – “Sa Pa of the Central”, at an altitude of 1,487 m above the sea level.

  • Visiting Ba Na Hills

    You will be carried to the peak by the cable car system that won 4 World’s Records (longest one-wire sling; the longest distance between each station; the longest unpatched wire; and finally the heaviest cable roll), admire the epic view and enjoy the fresh air here.
    Walking around or taking the funicular train to Linh Ung Pagoda, Debay wine cellar, Le Jardin D’Amour (the Flower Garden of Love) are also the good options for you after arriving Ba Na.

    The next destination of your trip in Ba Na is The Fantasy Park – the world-class indoor amusement park. You can experience many thrilling rides and games such as water slide-way, love wheel, fire race and ghosts’ house. You can also buy the entrance ticket to visit the unique Wax Museum in Vietnam.

  • Lunch time

    You will take a rest and have buffet lunch at Ba Na Hills

  • Visiting Queen Mountain

    Besides, feel free to visit the holy places in Ba Na: the Linh Tu Temple, the Temple of Mother Nature, the Belfry, the Phong Tu Tower, or the French village. From this area, all the scenery of Ba Na – Quang Nam’s nature is below your feet.

  • Back to the cable car station

    We say good bye to Ba Na and get back to the cable car station and return to Danang

  • Going back to Danang

    We will go back to your places in Danang. We hope this tour will bring you many unforgettable memories and joyful moments. See you again in other tours of Dacotours!

ba na daily tour

Ba Na daily tour

Located about 25km to the South West of Danang, Ba Na Hill resort is called “the green lungs” of the Central area, especially Danang. One of the factors that highlight Ba Na is its cable car system that won 4 World’s records. Sitting inside these cable cars to be carried to the peak, you will feel like the clouds are all around you. In Ba Na, there are 4 different seasons in one day: The spring in the morning, the summer at noon, the autumn in the afternoon and the winter in the evening. Ba Na is definitely the place you should visit to enjoy its unique climate and its stunning scenery as well.

Ba Na Hills cable car

Ba Na Hills cable car – Ba na daily tour

At an altitude of 1,291m above the sea level, you will be able to admire the nature of Da Nang – Quang Nam, and the marvelous Toc Tien waterfall. It was said that, once upon a time, a lot of fairies liked to come by this place. They left their beautiful long hair lying on 9 rock layers, then it turned into this superb waterfall. The fresh water falling down from the 700-meter-high peak is from the underground circuits inside the mountain, so it falls all year despite the heating weather of the Central. That’s the reason why people call this dreamy waterfall “Toc Tien” (Fairy’s Hair).


bana hills day tour

Bana hills day tour

The center of Ba Na Hills is the summit of Queen Mountain with a cluster of spiritual works: the Spirit Temple, Nghinh Phong Tower, Bell Tower, Beer House and the Goddess Temple. The Spirit temple is the place for worshiping, and remembering the merits of the Goddess who nourished and sheltered the land of Ba Na. Located at the highest point of the King Mountain, at an altitude of nearly 1,500m above the sea level, the Spirit Temple is also the place where the heaven and the earth are in a harmony, which is suitable for spiritual pilgrimage to Ba Na. Here, all the privileges seem to be removed, and there is just only the sacred scene of this holy place, and the serenity, peace in our souls.


Ba Na hills tour

Ba Na hills tour

Also located in the cluster of spiritual works on the top of Queen Mountain, Nghinh Phong pagoda is also one of the tourist attractions to Ba Na Hills. Nghinh Phong pagoda was built in a unique Buddhist style with 9 floors. On each floor, there are 4 copper bells hung on four corners, symbolizing the sacred sound of spiritual tourism architecture.

Nghinh Phong pagoda - bana hills day tour

Nghinh Phong pagoda – bana hills day tour

Opened in April 2014, the Flower Garden of Love (Le Jardin d’Amour) is a focal point of the magnificent nature of Ba Na Resort, brings Ba Na a view of tranquility and romance as in a picture.


the Flower Garden of Love - Ba Na daily tour

The Flower Garden of Love – Ba Na daily tour

Le Jardin d’ Amour has a total area of 7ha, including Memory Garden, Grape Garden – located right in front of the French wine cellar, Love Garden – the romantic spot for couples, Thought Garden – representing the statue of the ancient Greek Gods, which is considered as a place of prayers for a lasting love, the Heaven Garden – the greenhouse area, and finally Mo stream that flows freely throughout the year.

Besides, when you come to Ba Na, you will have the opportunity to experience the ancient, peaceful and romantic scene of France without flying to the other side of the Earth. The French Village in Ba Na is a miniature painting of France with simulating works such as squares, churches, towns and hotels.

Bana hills french village -Ba Na hills tour

Bana hills french village -Ba Na hills tour

To realize the great idea of ​​”re-appearing” a century-old antiquated French village in Vietnam, a magnificent French castle has been rebuilt in Ba Na Hills, hidden in the primeval forest with four seasons changing in one day.




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