Danang City Daily Tour

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Danang is the city that is called “The most worth-living place of Vietnam”, the city of “5 NOs and 3 YESes”. Joining Danang City Daily Tour, you can visit many attractive places here. Having the location as the “bridge” connecting the central area, with many advantages of tourism, Danang gradually becomes the first choice of visitors, fully satisfies their needs of learning culture and nature of Vietnam. Let us be with you in this tour to discover this beautiful coastal city.


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Danang – the modern city


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  • Departure

    In the morning, you will be picked up at the rendezvous, and then we start Danang city tour. Danang will be introduced to you by our tour guide, about its steady development, its modern architectural works, its beaches and its 5-star routes

  • Visiting Marble Mountains

    Marble Mountains are like the Southern islet located inside Danang city. You can visit some religious places here: the first Linh Ung pagoda in Da Nang, Tam Thai pagoda, and many other pagodas, and also natural caves such as Huyen Khong cave, Tang Chon cave, admire the scenery of the mountain cluster and the sea from the River view Tower and the Ocean view Tower.

    You will also visit the Non Nuoc Village at the foot of Marble Mountains. The village is famous for stone sculptures and handicrafts. Here you can admire many works of art made from stone and marble by the local artists.

  • Discovering Son Tra Peninsula

    Saying good bye to Marble Mountains, we will go to Son Tra Peninsula and visit the biggest Linh Ung pagoda of Danang. It’s the place that you can enjoy the view of the city, the mountain and the ocean from above, and pray in front of the 67-meter Statue of the Goddess of Mercy.

  • Having lunch

    You will take a rest and have lunch at Danang specialties restaurant.

  • Visiting Cham Museum

    Cham museum is the next stop of the tour, where you can learn more about Cham culture – the culture that once existed and flourished on this land, through many archaeological sites and objects.


    Then, you will visit and go shopping at Han market, the biggest local market of Danang.

    Dropping you off at your places in Danang, we say good bye and hope to see you again in other tours of Dacotours.


Marble Mountains – The giant Penjing

Being the first point of the journey, located about 8km to the Southeast of Da Nang city, Marble Mountains possesses the converging beauty of the nature with many historical values. They are the cluster of 5 mountains corresponding with 5 elements of the Universe (Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth), having acreage of 2 square km. Each mountain has its own beauty in shape, location, rock material, caves system and pagodas.

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains

Coming here, you will discover the biggest mountain in the Marble Mountains – the Water Mount. It is 106m high, 7ha wide, and it has 3 floors looking like 3 stars (Tam Thai). This is also the mountain of many caves, pagodas and temples. There are two ways to the caves and the pagodas in the Water Mount: The western gate of the mountain consists of 156 steps leading to Tam Thai Pagoda, the east gate of 108 steps leading to Linh Ung Pagoda. Most visitors get to the mountain through the west gate and head down to the east entrance. The top of the Water Mount called Thuong Thai, including Giang Dai, Tam Thai Pagoda, Tam Ton Pagoda, Tu Tam Pagoda, Hanh Cung House, Hoa Nghiem Cave, Huyen Khong Cave and Linh Nham Cave.

The view of Danang beach from the Water Mount

The view of Danang beach from the Water Mount

Danang City Daily Tour

Danang City Daily Tour

In the Water Mount, Huyen Khong cave is one of the most mysterious and beautiful caves that has the greatest religious value. In the shape of a spoon, Huyen Khong cave has lots of space and ideal temperature that makes you feel really cool. The sparkling sunlight goes through the tree branches to shine the cave. On sunny days, the cave is like a natural air conditioner because of its cool and fresh air.

Huyen Khong cave

Huyen Khong cave

Located on the foot of the Water Mount, there is a local village that is well-known for its traditional stone sculptures and handicrafts. It was founded by a sculptor named Huynh Ba Quat. At first, he only exploited the stone and marble to make simple tools for daily use, such as millstones, mortars and anchors. Later, he gradually developed gravestone sculptures and manufacturing products for the decorations in temples and palaces.

handicraft sculpture products

Handicraft sculpture products

In this tour, you will also have chance to visit Thuan Phuoc Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge of Vietnam, with the length of 1,856m. It spans two sides of Han River near the river door entering Danang Bay. Thuan Phuoc Bridge is a bridge spanning two sides of the Han River into Danang Bay, connecting Nguyen Tat Thanh with Man Quang Bridge, between Hai Chau and Son Tra districts in Da Nang City.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

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Cham Museum


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