Than Tai Hot Spring Park

24 Trần Phú, Thạch Thang, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam (0)
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Originated from the peak of Ba Na, Than Tai hot mineral springs located  in Phu Tuc village which surrounded by Azure Dragon Mountain and White Tiger Mountain. This hot mineral springs offer an opportunity to have interesting experiences when you are travelling in Danang. The hot spring mineral springs park is like a masterpiece that nature has given to Central Vietnam. Despite being in a coastal ciy, this hot mineral springs has the specific climate of Ba Na which has 4 seasons a day. Dacotours daily tour picks up from Central Danang.


  • Pick-up and Drop-off car service
  • Experienced and friendly driver, enthusiatic tourist guide taking care of you during the tour
  • Lunch
  • Bottled water (1 bottle/pax)
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Entrance ticket including:

  • Float sliding at Luoi river
  • Mineral bath
  • Massaging chair at Ficus Massage Lake
  • Water rides


  • VAT
  • Personal costs and meals that are not included
  • Mud bath, wine bath, tea bath, coffee bath, milk bath,…

Children policy

  • Under 1 metre: Free ticket
  • From 1 – under 1.3 metre: 50% adult’s ticket
  • From 1.3 metre: 100% adult’s ticket

Note: Please provide the personal information and contacts of your group while booking tours.

  • Departure

    We pick you up at the rendezvous, and then we depart for Than Tai Hot Spring Park.

  • Than Tai Hot Spring Park

    At the entrance to the park, our guide will lead you to the reception desk to receive tickets, send your personal belongings to the lockers, and get ready for a big fun in the park.
    The tram will take you the to the “Dragon” area with large swimming pool games for children and adults.
    Here you can swim in the cool, mysterious Luoi river in the heart of Long Tien cave with swimming floats, or relax with Ficus Massaging Chair, Turkish Sauna, and Russian Sauna.

  • Having Buffet lunch

    We will have buffet lunch at the restaurant.


    We continue to discover the nature of Than Tai mountain, including the natural hot mineral lake and the tropical fruit garden. You will also enjoy eggs which are boiled by the hot water here.
    Bathing is an option that you shouldn’t miss in this Park. You can choose tea bath, milk bath, mud bath, coffee bath, wine bath or onsen bath.


    After saying good bye to the Hot Spring Park, we will go back Danang. We will drop you off at your places. We hope this tour will bring you many unforgettable memories and joyful moments. See you again in other tours of Dacotours!

than tai hot spring park

Than Tai hot spring park

When we talk about hot springs, we often associate a hot atmosphere which do not seem to be suitable for the harsh central climate. However, when coming to Than Tai hot springs, you will have different experiences, you are immersed in the majestic nature with the vast primitive forest of Ba Na – Nui Chua Nature Reserve.

Than Tai hot spring park tour

Than Tai hot spring park tour

Only in this place can you feel both the heat of the mineral springs and the cold of the upstream. Moreover, the specific cold climate of Ba Na is blended with hot mineral water from thousands of meters underground, spring up from rock, which makes poetic and fanciful smoke. Hot mineral springs offer exciting experiences and contribute to renewable energy, supply essential mineral for skin and body. Especially, ladies will certainly enjoy after soaking in the warm water and feel the smoothness of their skin.

Hot springs water park da nang

Hot springs water park Danang

Than Tai hot springs park is built entirely of natural materials. The tub is made entirely of natural stones by artisans of Non Nuoc stone carving village of cutting thick, chiseled to form. In the water, there are animal craft which are very close to our lives.

Than Tai hot springs water park danang

Than Tai hot springs water park Danang

Visitors to Than Tai Hot Springs Park can enjoy special hot minerals, mud, herbal, tea, milk and beer bath services. That is an Onsen, which is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language. Onsen is a part of Japanese culture.

Mud bath service in Than Tai hot spring park

Mud bath service in Than Tai hot spring park

The highlight of the project is Onsen Tower constructed to simulate with Japanese architecture and standardized according to the process of Beppu province, where the hometown of the world’s mineral hot springs. According to Japanese culture, taking Onsen get you 3 years younger. Onsen Tower’s service is the first Vietnam service which is recognize by Japanese experts.

Onsen Tower in Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Onsen Tower in Than Tai Hot Spring Park

The park features outdoor and indoor hot spring bathing areas, a 4-star restaurant and hotel complex, an entertainment area for children, souvenir shops, modern karaoke bars, spiritual tourism areas and other outdoor amusement areas. Besides, you yourself can boil egg in the hot springs.

than tai hot spring park danang

Than Tai hot spring park Danang

Relaxing outdoors in than tai hot spring park

Relaxing outdoors




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